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Anti-counterfeit labels using special high-tech modern printing technology and printing materials, printing process is made, each costing anti-counterfeiting labels generated from the security access code to the finished product need to go through a dozen Road complex process synthesis procedure itself has a very strong security features. System uses the anti-counterfeit labels have the following advantages (also see our detailed Brochure):
1, Consumers easily identify: Our launch of the all the anti-counterfeiting label, consumers can quickly use the naked eye or a very simple means to be able to quickly identify the authenticity of the label,the features are very obvious.
2, The production process and the threshold is very high: Our anti-counterfeiting label the vast majority of the production process is very complex and usually made ??of counterfeiters do not come out or take out a huge cost to research, but also for our customers research out of the world's unique anti-counterfeiting technology, to ensure that within three years no one can imitate it. So that the label of the process and the threshold is very high.
3, The label looks very high grade: A good security process is not only easier to identify, create complex, because it is with sales and product, our process in the production of anti-counterfeiting labels from the label when the grade in depth study, produced the labels are very high, beautiful, generous, can potentially improve customer product quality and brand image.
4, Can effectively prevent the transfer and the secondary use: to prevent criminals from using the label transferred to the second, our study the vast majority of the labeling process are considered to be the transfer of label problems, usually a scratch or by lift , the label had completely destroyed,so that criminals can not be secondary use.

Ow do companies choose their own security, anti falsifying,membership points and prize promotions label (hereinafter referred to as tags) role:
1, To improve product quality
2, To enhance the brand image
3, To promote product sales
4, The illegal counterfeiters
5, The fidelity of the file information to build customer
6, The management or monitoring of the market or potential problems arise